Cooking time:
70 minutes
6 persons

Haleem is a savory porridge made with meat, wheat and lentils. A traditional favorite in India, this wholesome one pot meal is amazingly delicious and nutritious.

No need to add Salt, Red chilli, Ginger, Garlic or anything else apart from the ingredients given below. Increase all quantities proportionally for serving more persons.


1. Meat with bones

750 gms / 1.65 lbs

2. Whole Wheat (Do not take Haleem Rawa, etc.)

250 gms / 8.80 oz

3. Cooking oil

Enough for deep frying onions

4. Onions – Finely diced

450 Gms / One lb / 5 medium / Fried 5 Fistful

5. Green Chillies – Whole

15 to 20

6. Yogurt / Curd – Whipped thoroughly

100 Gms / 3.50 oz

7. Cilantro leaves/Kothmir/Hara Dhania

1 small bunch / 10 twigs

8. Mint leaves/Pudina

1 small bunch / 10 twigs

9. Ustad Banne Nawab’s Haleem Masala

One packet

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1     Heat enough oil in a kadhai (Wok) and fry onions till golden brown and keep aside for garnishing at the end, before serving. Don’t use before.

2     Remove ends of green chillies and make a paste of them in a grinder by adding one or two tablespoons ofwater and keep aside.

3     Thoroughly grind the whole wheat in a grinder and keep aside. (It is very important to take only Whole Wheat for grinding).

4     Mix Haleem Masala with 75 ml / 5 Tablespoons water, into a fine paste and keep aside.

5     In a pressure cooker take 150 ml / 10 Tablespoons cooking oil left over after frying onions, 1500 ml / 6 glasses of water, entire meat with bones or Chicken, green chillies paste and mix thoroughly. Don’t mix anything else at this stage.

6     Close lid of pressure cooker and cook on high flame till about 5 to 6 whistles, lower the flame and cook further for 45 minutes.

7     Put off flame and let cooker cool down.

8     Open lid of cooker and on high flame let the meat / chicken mixture come to a boil.

9     Mix the grinded whole wheat powder in 500 ml / Two glasses of water thoroughly and slowly add it to themeat / chicken mixture in the cooker and on high flame cook the Wheat powder paste and meat mixture thoroughly for about 10 minutes, stirring continuously making sure the mixture does not stick to the bottom of the cooker.

10     Now slowly add the Haleem Masala paste, whipped Yogurt / curd, finely diced Cilantro/Kothmir/Hara dhanyaand Mint leaves/Pudina in the above mixture and cook on high flame for about 10 minutes.

11     Add 45 ml / 3 Tbsp oil and cook further for about 5 to 10 minutes or till the desired thickness of the Haleem is reached, stirring continuously making sure the Haleem does not stick to the bottom of the cooker.

12     Close stove and Garnish with fried onions, Fresh lemons, Cilantro/Kothmir/Hara dhanya and Mintleaves/Pudina (and Ghee, Fried Cashewnuts - Optional) and serve hot.

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